Viduus is a politically charged, heavy, metallic-hardcore band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Upcoming Show

May 22
Bad Grannies Bazaar in Oklahoma City

Dead In The Dirt

Flier soon to come.

Up to speed:

To bring anyone interested up to speed now that we've abandoned facebook, this will be the functioning news and communication source for the band and our activities. The remastered Fearfully Awaiting The End (F.A.T.E.) 7" test press will be in our hands within the next week or two and shortly after it'll be made available at upcoming shows and online to accompany the tape release of the same release. This release is available digitally currently at Our next release will be a split 7'' with our friends Breag Naofa from Washington. These songs are finished with quite a few others in progress.

Our music will be distributed immediately by Tooth 'N Claw Records, Give Praise Records, Halo Of Flies Records, Hydrogen Man Records, 9 to 5 Records and Ourblock Records with more availability to come soon.

We've had a few reviews and mentions of Fearfully Awaiting The End, those can be found at these links:

Past Shows

May 31 - Oklahoma City - Conservatory - Ceremony, David Liebe Hart Band
May 30 - Oklahoma City - Conservatory - Double Negative, America
May 22 - Oklahoma City - Bad Grannies - Dead In The Dirt, Heartless, GRG
May 5 - Oklahoma City - Conservatory - Dead In The Dirt, Weekend Nachos, Paintscratcher
May 4 - Wichita, Kansas - Eagle's Lodge - Dead In The Dirt, Weekend Nachos, Plague Bot
April 24 - Oklahoma City - Conservatory - Title Fight
April 5 - Tulsa, Ok - Rudy's - Ivy League
April 3 - Oklahoma City - Chateau le Bleu - Breaking Ground
Feb 18 - Oklahoma City - Chateau le Bleu - GRG, Legs Dead and Well, Paintscratcher
Dec 21 - Oklahoma City - Bad Grannies - False, Colonia, GRG


The State

We have borne witness
to the emergence,
indeed the labored birth
through countless acts
of human greed and human corruption, of this entity, this monstrosity.
A veritable hydra ­­­of faceless bureaucrats, nameless miscreants,
founded in repression and rooted in injustice.
Superfluous power and unjust force;
causeless deformity serving but one end…
The gap, it broadens! A yawning chasm,
splitting the impoverished from the grossly affluent.

Bastard Dogma

Abrahamic superstition engrossed with humanity’s end,
witless, abdicated offspring of an apocryphal graven image,
distributing first world privilege, destructive deceit through philanthropy.
Millennia spent devoted to lies, regurgitated dishonesty.
Bastard dogma! Imaginary creed!
Shameless indoctrination, devoid of lenity!
Blind faith and fanaticism, tools of the zealot, turned against man.
Instillation of corrosive prejudicial inclinations.
Exported pious narcissism, arrogant boasting of “salvation and faith”,
smothering the globe with vapid traditions of the vile, born-again USA.


Asphyxiated by incessant lies,
Disinformation, corrupted desires.
Afflicted with archaic deceit,
Humankind's fabricated defeat.

United by the cross,
nothing but livestock.
Subversion, the principle doctrine.
Bloodshed (the one) denomination.

United We Stand On The Rest Of The World

Meat for the beast!

Obedient carnage
exchanged for "freedom",
Moronic slaves
Disguised as "heroes".

Infallible promotion,
failsafe refuge
Securely shielded
By Gadsen's Flag.

Impassive, witless indifference.
Uncaring, unblinking negligence.
Willful blindness and disregard,
Suffocation on innocent blood.

Antique notions
Of "best and brightest",
Debased, degraded,
and destroyed.

Replaced by preference
For the mindless:
Automation,resignation, submission.

No appreciation, No reverence,
No honor,No pride.

Only woe for those who have died.

Naught But Perversion

Copies of copies of copies
The “youth” have become
copies of copies of copies.

The guise of "youth", resurrected.
Erstwhile fathers discarded, deceased.
Disenfranchised, aging cynics,
shed a long dead ideology.

Simulacrum of a lost persona,
fraudulent stand-ins starve for acclaim.
Unremittant exploitation
again rewarded, flattered with praise.

Naught but cheap perversion,
failed replication of what we held dear.
Truant passion begets a lifeless core
hollow, forsaken, forlorn.

Muzzled And Gagged

In ignorance we called him god,
In ignorance we're born again,
In ignorance we sold our souls,
In ignorance we imagine sin.

Not of this world, a fabrication. A surrogate legend, unalterable.
Our souls to the crux, an immolation, amends to naught but a fable.
Distorted godheads, perverted legends, adopted mythology, stories of old.
A plagiarized deity, misbegotten, borrowed from myth long forgotten.

An obligated victim, a voluntary offering,
at the apex of his vanity, Man revels in his suffering.
Burned into our collective subconscious: unfounded guilt and sorrow.
Logic and reason willingly traded for the promise of a brighter tomorrow.


Foolish verses deciphered by gullible minds, force fed to the masses, misquoted through time. This ancient volume offers flawed reason for innumerable, unspeakable crimes.

And so humanity stands, fearfully awaiting the end.
Our eyes are open; our minds are muzzled and gagged.

The Olympian View

From the heights of the American Olympus,
views of humanity are skewed;
qualitatively different from that of mere mortals,
amoral, immoral, unnatural.

Their Guiltless blood habitually spilled,
ignore the nightmarish details.
Mortal lives (are) inherently blurred,
inconsequential foreign beings.

Unprecedented atrocities,
conveniently distant, removed.
Baseless transgressions, consciously hidden,
chapters ripped from historical record.

Consciences unaffected,
remarkably unbothered,
we demi-gods press on,
unbridled by empathy.

From the heights of the American Olympus, gods command what is seen.
Sympathy lost, selfishness rules the willingly uninformed sheep.